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Season 12 - Episode 45

Hosted by Glynn Washington 

Story told by Jason Russel Waller

Produced by  Bo Walsh

Recording Engineer - Mike Garcia/Permanent RCRD Studios

Original Score by Renzo Gorrio

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Special Thanks to Mr. Don Reed

Listen anytime at SnapJudgment

Jason and his two brothers spent their childhood living out of cheap motels and shitty cars, always staying just one step ahead of the law. 

To authorities, their father was a criminal—a fugitive, but to Jason and his brothers he was simply their Con Man Daddy.

Jason has channeled his true-life exploits into a One-Hour TV Drama Series.  Con Man Daddy is the Pilot episode.


An imaginative boy and his brothers hold on tight as their con man father and bipolar mother keep the family on the run during the 1970s and ‘80s, but as his father’s crimes become personal, the boy must make a decision that will change the course of all their lives.

Waller has written and recorded an extensive library of memories and misadventures

in preparation for the series’ episodic content.

Producer/Writer/Comedian  Don Reed has been a mentor to Jason throughout the writing process and continues to lend his expertise and guidance.   Don Reed introduced Jason’s remarkable story to the producers at

NPR’s award-winning radio show and podcast Snap Judgment.

Snap Judgment interviewed Jason about the complex relationship between father and son.

Listen to the moving half hour episode by clicking the illustration below.

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Jason_Mike copy.jpeg
Pitch_Win-2 copy.jpg

Present Day


This is a clip from the made-for-television film referenced in the Snap Judgment story.

GONE TO TEXAS (aka Houston: The Legend of Texas) was originally broadcast in 1986 as a CBS primetime television miniseries starring Sam Elliot.

Jason earned two awards at the 2021 Austin Film Festival when pitching Con Man Daddy.

• Winner—Virtual Pitch Competition (Con Man Daddy aka Cherries And Berries)

• 3rd Place—Live Pitch Competition (Con Man Daddy aka Cherries And Berries)

Jason, along with his brothers Randy and Kel, crisscrossed Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado from 1976 to 1986.


JASON                                               RANDY                                               KEL

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